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Make New Wine From Old Juice?
Is it possible to make a decent wine from an old kit? I have my doubts but today after coming across a kit more than four years old, I thought I may as well find out. Follow along as we discover how bad a 4 year old wine kit that was never fermented turns out. And wish me luck that maybe.. it will be ok. Continue reading
Happy Thanksgiving To My American Readers

happy thanksgivingSometimes I hear that some Americans think it odd that we Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving near the beginning of October. We do – however, that is no reason for me to not wish my American readers a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

I… Continue reading

Is It Zehrs, Neilson, Or What? Leaky Milk Bags
Why are my milk bags leaking? The Neilson brand of milk I buy from Zehrs seems to leak while other brands do not. Continue reading
Cheese & Drugs – What’s The Connection?
Smuggled cheese a big business? Looks like it, at least in Canada. Continue reading
I’ve Got Butter, Baby!
I didn't let my failure the first time at trying to make home made butter defeat me. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again... so I did. Here's the story about the second attempt. Now for some wine and buttered crackers.. mmmm! Continue reading
My Bitter Battle Trying To Beat Out Butter
Well, I tried to make butter. Home made butter. It was supposed to be easy. I have blisters on my hands and as far as I can tell, no butter - but a very thick and stiff whipped cream that I'm not sure what to do with. Continue reading
First Yogurt Attempt Update

Yesterday, I wrote about my first attempt at making yogurt and how poorly it turned out. I do have a bit of an update on it, as it has improved somewhat and I also have some theories and thoughts.

After… Continue reading

First Yogurt Making Attempt
My first attempt at making yogurt did not go so well, but it might have been because of the starter yogurt I used. Continue reading
Other Fermentations and Adventures
Fermenting is not just for wine! For centuries, mankind have been fermenting dairy products for both the purposes of preservation and enjoyment. Continue reading
Ontario Apple Jack – Unlikely This Year

About a month ago, I posted a recipe for Apple Jack (also considered a Melomel) while wondering if I would be able to make some this year, using Ontario grown apples. Well, it looks like initial predictions about a major… Continue reading

Almost Applejack Making Time

apple for applejackApplejack is actually a melomel that can trace its orgins to Europe and is a very old alcoholic beverage, made with honey and cider. In that regard, it is technically a melomel of the mead family.

I have probably a… Continue reading

Blueberry Wine Time
In many areas, blueberries are now in season and perhaps even available for picking depending on where you live. Now might be a good time to consider making that blueberry wine. Continue reading
New Drinking And Driving Regulations – Home Winemakers Beware
In Canada, some Provinces like British Columbia and Nova Scotia have instituted lower BAC limits for driving on their respective Provincial roads. This means that many of us will have a much more difficult time in knowing if we are legally "safe" to drive. The new Provincial regulations can be draconian in the sense that you are immediately assumed guilty of an offense if a Police Officer demands a breath sample and you blow over the new lower limits. Continue reading
Home Winemaking Operation Suspected Of Being A Meth Lab

Funny story in The Derrick News Herald:

“Authorities in central Pennsylvania who were called to investigate a suspicious odor at an abandoned house thought they had found a meth lab.

It turned out to be an old winemaking operation.… Continue reading

Home Winemaking Time Again
It has been awhile since I've updated the blog with my winemaking activities. The reason for that is simple: During the warmer months, I can be found more often on lakes and rivers with a fly fishing rod in hand, than in the winemaking room. I know many winemakers that start their wines in the summer and autumn when the fruit is being harvested. This means they are taking advantage of whatever local produce is available to them for their wine. Continue reading
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