Beer Time

Yes, all you wine lovers – I admit I enjoy a good cold one every so often as well. And making your own beer is almost as fun as making your own wine. Well… that’s not totally true, at least the way I’ve been making it.

Some folks like Lance at Catprint In The Mash go all out with their beer making. I’ve only used kits which contain all the ingredients mashed up, and ready to be mixed with water.

The last batch of Canadian Red style beer is gone, having been drank by all my friends. I think I had two bottles total. I’m going to be starting a new Canadian Red beer in the next day or so – today I bottled a Cooper’s lager.

I do have to bottle some Liebfraumilch shortly, as well as rack Gewurztraminer. A Pinot Noir will also be ready for bottling any time soon – but I just may let it age a while longer.

I also received a phone call this week from Lakeview Cellars to let me know that the Baco Noir is being harvested this week. That means a trip to Beamsville to pick up the 40 KG of must I ordered a few weeks back! I’m looking forward to that, probably on Sunday.

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