Is It Zehrs, Neilson, Or What? Leaky Milk Bags

As you will realize if you’ve been following along, in addition to making wine at home, I have also been fermenting milk and making yogurt. Rather than head out to a restaurant to enjoy some of my favorite foods like Greek tzatziki sauce, or falafel with tahini yogurt sauce, I’ve been making my own. As well, I enjoy the taste of plain yogurt and in principle, it is less expensive to make it at home than buy it at the supermarket.

I say in principle because I have been buying more milk from the supermarket I go to than I have in the past, due to my yogurt making activities. And, I’ve been quite surprised to find a few leaky bags. I am not sure if it is the way the supermarket, Zehrs, handles the bags, or if the brand they sell, Neilson, has issues with their bagged milk.

Of course, it could be me; perhaps I’m mishandling the bags somehow. For my American and Western Canadian readers, you might not know what I’m talking about, but here in Ontario and other parts of Eastern Canada, when you purchase 4 litres (1 US Gallon) of milk, it comes in a bag that contains three bags, 1/3 of a US Gallon each. I’ll take photos and post them sometime, and how we use them.

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased 4 litres of homogenized milk from Zehrs. All went into the fridge as soon as I got home. A few days later, I noticed that there was milk seeping into the vegetable crisper drawer and discovered that one of the bags was leaking.  I ended up throwing it out as I did not know what else might have gotten into the milk, and I had no container ready that I could empty what was left in the bag.

The other day, I went to Zehrs and picked up another 4 litres of milk and put it in my shopping cart along with some other items I was going to purchase. When I reached the checkout, I noticed the milk was leaking. I pointed it out to the cashier who called customer service. They went and got me another bag of 4 litres of milk, and a cursory inspection appeared to show that it was fine.

However, today I again noticed milk seeping into my crisper –  it was also all over the shelf that my milk had been sitting on. What’s going on?  I am pretty sure it is not me, as I don’t put anything on top of the milk bags when it’s in the fridge. I also don’t have problems with Sealtest milk when I buy it at the corner store when I’ve run out.

Today, I tried to figure out where exactly the milk was leaking and tried to locate a puncture, but could not. I did notice that the Neilson bags have a seam that runs down one side of the bag, and I’m not sure but suspect it may have been leaking there. I took a look at a different brand of milk, which contained goat’s milk – their plastic bags had no similar seam to them.

Anyone else have issues with bags of Neilson milk leaking? or perhaps it is the way the Zehrs store in Orangeville handles it, but I don’t really know.


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