The Home Winery is a website and blog by Ian Hugh Scott. It is Ian’s hope to share with others his passion for home winemaking that he has had for many years, and to promote the art and science of making wine.

Ian originally started making wine at home using a basic starter kit which he received as a Father’s Day gift from a local winemaking supply store in his hometown of Orangeville, Ontario. Although pleased with the initial results, he decided to expand his knowledge, making even better wines at home, and experiment with non-grape fruit, vegetable wines and meads.

It has been with the assistance and generous help of others that Ian has learned more about how to make wine at home, and to that end, he enthusiastically shares his knowledge and passion with others.

Ian dreams of one day having his own vineyard with perhaps a variety of grapes to make grape wine fully from start to finish. In the meantime, making wines from readily available fruits, berries, juices freshly pressed at Ontario vineyards, and even country wines from some vegetables, will do. Experimenting with fermenting is a lot of fun, even if the results are not always great.

You may also wish to visit Ian’s other site, About Fly Fishing. Single malt Irish whiskey, good wine, and fly fishing go well together.

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