Review – Home Winemaking Step By Step

So you’ve made some wine from kits, or perhaps after digging around the Internet, found some recipes for wines that you’re going to make.

The “bug” has hit you, and you want to learn more. There are a lot of books available on winemaking, but you’re looking for one book that you’ll be able to refer to time and time again.

I just finised reading Home Winemaking: Step By Step by John Iverson and if there is any book that a home winemaker should have on the book shelf, it is this one. Jack Keller rightly says about this book:

“The single best resource I’ve found for making wine from grapes… straightforward, concise, and lay-oriented, loaded with procedures, tables, insights, and resources all will find useful.”

Although this book is aimed towards those who are interested in learning more about making wines from grapes, it offers the home winemaker an enormous amount of information in it’s 226 pages that all winemakers, even those who wish to make wine from fruits and vegetales not including grapes will benefit from.

Chapters on Getting Started, Bulk Aging, advice on racking and bottling, testing for acidity and adjusting, and even a chapter devoted to oaking wines – this is a fantastic book that even just giving it the “once read over” will increase your knowledge and help you increase your skills.

It will give you ideas, and help you to understand what is going on exactly, when you make wine. It includes several Appendix chapters which you can turn to for advice, information, and more.

Yes, there are other good books on winemaking, but Iverson’s Home Winemaking Step by Step ought to be your first choice if you’re looking to learn more about home winemaking, and making your wines as good as any professional winemaker would do.

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